CM350-2A Cement Mortar Mixer Small Concrete Mixer

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Tilting drum concrete mixer is a type of construction equipment used for mixing and preparing concrete. It features
a large cylindrical drum that is tilted on an axis to facilitate the mixing process. This type of mixer is commonly used
in construction sites, concrete batching plants, and other applications where a consistent and homogeneous mixture
of concrete is required.

Product Features:
1. Special casting or steel-sheet gear ring made in one piece
2. Foldable frame for easy stock and transportation
3. Solid frame for high stability
4. Large 240 mm diameter wheels for stability and maneuverability
5. Swivels and tilts 360°for easy and complete discharge
6. Driving shaft mounted on sealed ball bearing
EB-260 with drum capacity 280L, CM350-2A with drum capacity 350L, concrete mixer adopts rubber tires and is suitable for mixing
mortar, with merits of small volume, easy for transportation, high efficiency and outstanding quality




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